Founded in 2021 by Livvy Wentworth-Stanley, Arbala is a new London-based brand aiming to create an inspiring space for you to discover curated and unique homeware with a sense of fun.

Our pieces - many created in collaboration with artists and artisans around Morocco, mixing and matching traditional techniques with contemporary designs, or are sourced by hand along the way.

At Arbala we value craft and design over mass production. All of our pieces are handmade by independent artisans using organic materials and are produced in limited quantities to ensure a carefully curated and small scale production which are released in drops.

At Arbala, we have been working directly with the same artisans since the very beginning in 2020, during the pandemic. With tourism coming to a full holt in Morocco, we were able to commission all our pieces and support artisans financially in such difficult times. 2 years later and we still work with the same amazing people and have built great working relationships.

We produce our pieces in small batches to avoid any waste. We also do this to prevent overwhelming our artisans.

Our pieces are carefully curated and handmade using organic and natural materials found in Morocco that have been used traditionally for generations. Any pieces that haven’t quite made the quality cut are then sold as seconds as we believe they are perfect to someone and should never go to waste.